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WebdriverIO getText vs getValue - What's the difference | Resolving errors

June 25, 2020

WebdriverIO getText and getValue commands are sometimes confused. Persons tend to use them interchangeably and this results in errors such as expected “string” to equal ’ ’ or expected “string” to equal null

The getText command returns the the text content from a DOM-element. If we go to https://the-internet.herokuapp.com/login then we should be able to get the header text by using the getText command.


it('getText', () => {
        const subHeading = $('h2');
        expect(subHeading.getText()).equals('Login Page')

The getValue command returns the value of a <textarea>, <select> or text <input> found by given selector. If multiple elements are found it will return an array of elements. On https://the-internet.herokuapp.com/login we should be able to use getValue to return the value/text on the input field.


it('getValue', () => {
        const username = $('#username');
        assert.equal('Julia', username.getValue())

Therefore you can use getText on DOM-elements such as a <div> or a <p> or <a>. However, if it is an <input> field or <textarea>, <select> then you would need to use the getValue command.

If you use the incorrect command then you will get the errors expected “string” to equal ’ ’ or expected “string” to equal null.

I hope this helped you to understand getText vs getValue and how to resolve errors that you may get.

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